Hyphae is a tiny static site generator written in Ruby. It’s capable of turning a directory tree of markdown files and sub-directories into a site with a hierarchical navigation menu. In fact, this site itself is rendered with Hyphae!

The aim of this project was to create an extremely minimal SSG which was highly tuned to my site-building methodology. Ordering-specific metadata about pages within the site menu can be encoded with prefixes directly in the page’s filename. Hyphae also supports creating links to external content in its generated menu with plaintext .link files.

Hyphae can be installed using gems:

$ gem install hyphae

And then invoked simply with:

$ hyphae

Optionally a site directory and build directory can be specified like so:

$ hyphae site_dir build_dir

Take a look at the example site directory for a demonstration of the directory structure expected by Hyphae.

Hyphae’s Rubygems page

Check out the source code