Sticks & Stones

January 2021
There is hope, but not for us
Franz Kafka

This album came together from many sources of inspiration, most of them in the form of audio generating or processing software plugins. Equipped with a variety of innovative new VSTs from Spitfire Audio, I was newly christened with the ability to synthesize organic sounding reproductions of acoustic instruments. I used this newfound power to imbue a sense of musical orthodoxy in this collection of pieces, letting the sounds of trumpets, clarinets, and grand pianos lend them a sense of timbral familiarity (this being in strict opposition to my usual highly mechanical sound-palette). Determined not to leave my listeners unentertained however, I employed the equally innovative effect set from Freakshow Industries to crumble these acoustic soundscapes into new monstrous sonic forms. Almost every track within this collection is marked by the twisted manipulation of time, be it stretching, granular decay, or even total chronological reversal.